MergeAllFaces bug

MergeAllFaces and MergeFace sometimes fail when they shouldn’t. Attached is a simple repeatable example created with . Can this be tuned up? (R7, windows)

combine planar fail.3dm (153.8 KB)

“nice” one … how did you find this ?

Screenshot shows

left - posted geometry
right - addid additional “framing” surface

bottom before
top after applying MergeAllCoplanarFaces

(mac os x, Rhino Version 7 (7.16.22061.03002, 2022-03-02)

… an additional surface-Frame will make the command work as expected.

@pascal - seams like a bug to me as well.

kind regards -tom

Thanks, I can repeat this.
RH-67751 MergeAllCoplanarFaces failure


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