Memory allocation / Open GL Error

Since the last update I am having routine issues with Memory Allocation errors that more or less have me at a stand still. For instance, a large 1500MB file that I was successfully working on last night crashed this morning at startup with this error:


When I launch the same file in Safe Mode I get the following error:


FWIW, Task Manager does not seem to indicate a memory problem when the initial “Memory Allocation” error pops up.


Here is my System Info:

DS_SystemInfo.txt (2.4 KB)

I asked a colleague here in the office who has not yet done the update if he could open the file, and he had no issue doing so. His system info:

NC_SysInfo.txt (2.6 KB)

Is it possible to step back a build? Like I said, this has pretty much got me at a stand still.


Hello - the difference in system info that pops out at me is that you have Vray and your colleague does not - what happens if you disable VRay in Options > Plug-ins page and then restart Rhino - can you open the file?


I’ll try that. Here is what I’ve done since posting earlier:

When I disabled Vray in safe mode I still got the “Open GL Use” error, but I could interact with the geometry. Allowing VRay in Safe Mode crashed Rhino (I’ve sent in the crash report). So I assumed it was a VRay conflict.
Like I said, I was able to get the file open in Safe Mode. I then saved out a version where I deleted all mesh items, all small items (under 1" Bounding Box), deleted a clipping plane (which would have been active when the file launched), and eliminated the one texture that had a displacement map. The file with these changes openeed successfully with VRay enabled.

With VRay disabled in Options, I still get the same Memory Allocation error/crash when attempting to launch the original file (not the one saved out from Safe Mode I mentioned in my previous reply)

Hello - Just to double-check - you closed and re-opened Rhino after disabling Vray, correct? Can you run Audit3dmFile on this file and send us the result? (It might take a long time… )


Correct. Disabled Vray, closed, and reopened. Will the audit run in Safe Mode, or can I audit the file from another instance of Rhino?


Hello - yep, audit from any Rhino - you don’t open the file. Thanks.


Thanks. I’ll send the file to you privately.