Undo Rhino Update


Is there a way to undo a Rhino update? I think I had version 6.20 and updated to 6.24. I am unable to open my file now (runs out of memory - 64gb) and this happened immediately after I updated Rhino.


Hi @hayden Hope this helps:
Found THIS
and tagged @John_Brock

Thanks @Fred_C.

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Hi @John_Brock,

Please send me Rv6.23. I tried unintalling and reinstalling 6.24 and now the file just crashes (without error of not enough memory).


Hi Hayden - Service Release 23 is here.
If rolling back works for that file, please either post it here or upload it on https://www.rhino3d.com/upload with reference to this thread in the Comments field.
Also, are you sending in the crash reports when Rhino goes down?

It appears to crash when initializing plug-ins.

Please start Rhino in Safe mode.
Use the Cortana Search tool to find Rhino 6 in Safe mode.
Safe mode is Not a fix. It blocks loading plug-ins and OpenGL graphics; either of which can cause Rhino to Crash on startup.

If Rhino starts in Safe mode, in Options > Plug-ins, change the list filter to Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino.
Disable all of them.
Then close and restart Rhino normally.
Does Rhino start?

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Hi Wim,

Thanks for sending through. Unfortunately, the file did not open in 6.23 and crashes. I got the same message when I updated from 6.20 to 6.24 about not enough memory. I did send the crash report previously and again today.


HI John,

The file opens when I disabled non-Rhino plug-ins. The only one is V-Ray. Does that mean I can no longer use V-Ray with Rhino?


What means is the Vray plug-in is crashing when reading the Vray information in the file.

The next step is to contact Vray tech support. You may need to give them the file so they can fix it and figure out the problem.

If you do not need Vray for now, then leave it disabled until the problem is sorted.

The only other option is to strip the Vray plug-in data out of the file. That maybe more drastic than you want to do.

Thanks @John_Brock