Error Reading Archive - Error when opening a .3dm file?

any ideas what I should check?

Hello - Rescue3dmFile is probably the best bet.


file opens ok. but I just noticed the error message in log …

Hello - anything more explicit than just ‘Error reading archive?’?


Hm - thanks - just a thought but does the same file show that error if Rhino is started in Safe Mode? (Windows start menu > type ‘Rhinoceros’ and look for the ‘Rhinoceros in safe mode’ entry. )


yes get same error… so I opened a different file and I see same error… all is working fine I just wonder what the error is… might have been getting error for months!

Hello - well, that is odd - I suspect a plug-in, which is what I usually do when I have no idea. Safe Mode asks, maybe multiple times, if you want to allow plug-ins, if you answered no to all of these then I guess it is unlikely to be caused by a plug-in…


I answered yes to all of them… I will re test! thanks you

Hey @pascal,
I’m having the same issues, and have tried opening in safemode, with no plug-ins, and my screen goes black for roughly 30 minutes before starting up. Previously it read, “Error Loading Archive”, and after waiting the same time period in regular rhino, it opened as well. Do you know how to eliminate this error?
Is there a way to avoid the file taking this long to start up? I was not having these issues earlier, but after loading in some high-poly models, messing with clipping planes, and then trying to export a small selection of the file to work on separately, I started getting these issues. Please let me know if you have any best practice recommendations or strategies on how to get this file to load faster, and reliably.

Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

In this case what I would try first is importing the file into a new one