Rhino won't read my file when VRay Plugin is enabled

Hi everybody,
I’m currently struggeling with one file, that just won’t open when I have the VRay Plugin enebled.
I need to render this file with VRay so theres no way I can just leave it disabled. Any ideas how to fix that?

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are you opening a .3dm ot a .3dmbak file ?

I tried both, none of them is working. By now I found a little workaround. I disable VRAY in a new file, then I open my broken file and activate it again inside that file. I have no idea why that works but it does…


that “workaround” is one terrible idea. In this case V-Ray will not receive OnBeginOpenDocument() from Rhino; won’t fill caches up; will not migrate your data if that is necessary… to name a few important steps. Basically you might get your scene seriously broken when save you the file

Can we just figure out what is wrong instead ? It is obvious that it is happening during document loading ( since skipping that step eliminates the problem )

Do you have files (textures, proxies, cosmos assets, etc) located on a network drive?
If so, have you made sure you have successfully logged in to that location prior opening the file?
Do you have a firewall blocked certain network ports? like 30305?

if not:
could you share the file ?
could you contact Chaos Support ? I’ll join the session and try to debug
or at least can you simplify the model to a point where it loads as fast as expected.

there is so many other things that could be done

Hi Nikolay

I am having literally the same issue. It happens from time to time and I’ve been using the same workaround method as Paul.

Here are a couple of other things I tested:

  1. the issue happens randomly? Sometimes I can open the file with no problem, and the next time I open it, the issue occurs and I have to use the workaround.

  2. I have tested the latest Vray on both Rhino 7 and 8, both having the same issue.

  3. when this happens, I can open any file with no vray scene, but any file with any amount of vray scene in it, I can not open it.


How often “randomly” means ?