Tensegrity Membrane - radial

Hello! I’m trying to create a tensegrity membrane with radial ribs, based on a star pattern

attempt at membrane tensegrity.3dm (502.6 KB)
attempt at membrane tensegrity.gh (140.7 KB)

(similar to this: https://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/kangaroo/forum/topics/membrane-tensegrity but with the pipes in a polar array)

I can’t seem to get the bars/springs to interact. I created anchor points for the bar ends (in attached file) to attempt to have the springs deform around them but it isn’t working.
I feel like I’m seconds away from making this work… Any help is appreciated!

Hi Christine,
Did u checkout"Supermesh" it has some examples premade patterns. so half the problem will be solved that way. Next would be making it a rigid body and colliding it with a cloth like attributed vault or make the edges as anchors.