McNeel Update Service not availabile

Hi there,

somehow my Rhino doesn’t scan for updates anymore. I just get the notification that the Update-Service is unavailable. While investigating that problem i noticed that the McNeel Update Service doesn’t even show up under windows services.
I am currently running Rhino 7 (7.4.21078.1001)

I guess that the update service got deleted while i uninstalled my old Rhino 6 installation. Is there any way to get the Update Service running again without having to reinstall the whole software?

The current service release is version 7.11 and will be 7.12 later this month. You can download the latest version at Rhino - Download - Rhino 7 for Windows 7.4.21078 is six or seven months out of date.

I’ve had the Update service become unavailable for a few days and then start running again. No idea why it stopped or why it restarted.

If you run the Rhino command SystemInfo someone may have another idea.

I saw the Discourse ping about a new SR release a few days ago, but didn’t get a notification from Rhino. Going with a manual install now.

In Windows Services, is the McNeel Update service running?

Edit: sorry, I just reread the first post and it does say the service is not running.

This happens to me often and the answer is this;

When Rhino says update is unavailable, close the application, go here in the Registry and set “Enabled” to 1