McNeel Update Service Unavailable

I noticed my colleague had an update message, so I got curious as to why I didn’t have it too.
I realized I was still using SR 15 while SR 19 is out !

Then I saw this :

I have no idea why…
Blackballed ?

This means that the McneelUpdate service is not running on your machine. You may have disabled it some time ago? Anyway, you can enable it in the taskmanager under the services tab.

If you don’t want to do that you can click the Check Now... link that will open a webpage. It’ll give you a link to download if a newer release is available.

Hi Nathan,

The install of the New version re-enabled the service.
I don’t know how it got de-activated. I’m not smart enough to have done this myself…

Reasons I can think of: the service crashed or it was disabled by maybe security software? Anyway, you should be able to manually start through the task manager in the services tab (advanced view).