Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Just got the email - Maxwell for Rhino 6 is finally out! :grinning:

Just can’t believe it!
well…let’s check the wallet…

hum, however this page is not yet updated.

It’s a free update and can be downloaded from the Costumer’s Portal.

After installing Maxwell for Rhino 6, Rhino is crashing every single time at start up. Something is seriously messed up. I’ll be removing it shortly…

Uninstalled everything Maxwell and than reinstall anew Maxwell 4.2 ( until now I had 4.1 installed ) and maxwell for Rhino 6. Same result. Rhino 6 crashing at start up every single time… I think I’m done, no more maxwell for me…

Bad luck. I just installed Maxwell and the Rhino 6 plugin and I haven’t had any crashes yet - I tried closing and reopening Rhino when I saw your post. This was first time Maxwell has been installed on this PC.

I would have replied sooner, but I was reliving the joys of CPU rendering (kicked off ok from the Rhino plugin). Maxwell Render not offering a GPU option, although it shows up in Maxwell Studio. Waiting for a reply from Next Limit Support on that. Documentation is pretty inaccessible on their site right now, looks like they are having problems with Confluence.

But on the plus side: Activation worked first time - never seen that before :wink:


Thanks Jeremy, could be something bad on my end. Not sure yet. To be honest I’m too busy at the moment to dwell on this issue any longer. Rendering is something I don’t do much and fortunately current Rhino 6 display mods are more than enough for most of my needs. Which makes this crush significantly less painful. Too bad though because after uninstalling all things Maxwell I lost one option of using it with Rhino 5 which until now worked just fine. I guess will have to reinstall 4.1 later on…:slight_smile: