Maxwell plug-in not found

I am a new user of Rhino, so I downloaded the trial version.
I wanted to try it with a trial version of Maxwell render, I installed it correctly but even if I restart rhino it does not show in the render options…
Do you know what I can do?

I have a Mac.

As far as I know Maxwell Render is a stand-alone renderer, thus it will not show up in the render menu in Rhino. You need to export your scene in some format (.obj?) and then import that into Maxwell… There was a “bridge” software plug-in for Windows Rhino that automatically sent the scene to Maxwell from inside Rhino, but AFAIK, that has never existed for Mac Rhino.

With Rhino for macOS, your only option is to use MR Studio and export OBJ files from Rhino (which is actually quite easy, even for a larger scene).

What’s this?

Note - I’ve never used Maxwell on Mac…just curious.

Works only with the old Rhino 5.

Yes, Maxwell has Rhino plug-ins for Mac and Windows but they aren’t (yet??? we hope) updated for Rhino 6.

So, is anyone here using Maxwell plugin inside Rhino 5 Mac?

Feedback? Inside Rhino vs Studio?

Appears the OP struggled to get the plugin installed as trials…

I’ve only used Maxwell with WinRhino V5 and JD’s great plug-in. Worked really well. I don’t use WinRhino anymore and still (patiently…?) waiting for the Mac version of V6. There doesn’t unfortunately seem to be much hope for a V6 plug-in, however (I do hope I’m wrong)…


I bought a macwell license with the Rhino Mac Plugin a gew days ago within the soccer rabate (50% less if winning a digital game with as many tries as you need) (it is untill tomorrow)
But I have Problems with tje activation of the Plugin - the Studio and the Render app works fine but the communication between Rhino and these two apps is blocked by a activation Problem that my license in Rhino should not be found.
But normaly there is a „new“ implemantation and you also can change Macwell materials and Maxwell parameters like light, Camera Remdeeswttimgs and more inside zhe Rhino mac app - inside the Plugin with four or five buttons (dialogues) and the zransferation of tje Model to Maxwell (Render or Studio) seems good with zhe right scale and a good smooth poly setting. And Maxwell is a unbeliveble powerful render Engine. If there wouldn‘t be the license Problems. But the friendly Support is beside me and helps me to try to find a Solution - maybe on Monday I will get it… :slight_smile:
But i belive there is a solution.

Hmm, where there is smoke there is fire. Two individuals can’t get the plug-in to function properly.

Sound like someone in charge might have some usability 'splainin’ to do…

Thanks for the insight @HugoIII

I’m certainly not in charge, but the situation isn’t complicated.There’s no Maxwell Plug-In which runs in V6 (Mac or Win) yet. All one can do is use the (fully featured) standalone option, Maxwell Studio – it imports 3dm files natively.

Those who have Rhino 5 on Windows may run Maxwell 4 (with the dedicated Rhino for Windows Plug-In) or the older Maxwell 3 (which used to ship with free Plug-Ins for a great variety of 3D-programs). Both Maxwell for Windows (V3+V4) Plug-Ins for Rhino 5 are powerful and feature complete.

Those who have Rhino 5 on Mac and Maxwell 4 may use the Rhino Plug-In for Mac. It is not feature complete though – it was a first effort to at all support the Mac crowd before a scheduled complete rewrite with a common codebase for Win and Mac.

I can’t say anything about the present state of development of Rhino 6 Plug-Ins. JD, the long time developer has left the company, his successor changed plans and got recently hired elsewhere. Now a third person seemingly has started working on the project. For more details better check the Maxwell forums.

In a way it might be at least slightly perplexing to the uninitiated, though you’ve cleared it up: apparently the situation is in flux.

One may not want to count on any utility of the Mac v5 plugin based on its mention in marketing verbiage on the Nextlimit Maxwell purchase page. Plan to use standalone Studio on Mac at least until Rhino V6 Mac and a V6 compatible Mac plugin is released.

Thanks for the color @hifred