Is Maxwell Render V3 plugin working on Rhino 6?

Hi everybody,

do you know if Maxwell render learning edition is running on Rhino 6? I’m having problem installing the Maxwell plug in (it says it can’t see Rhino x64). Thank you very much, Vasco

Maxwell Render for Rhino 6 is still under development.

See here for more details.

Maxwell V3 won’t be available for Rhino 6, (never, in my opinion).

Advice = Always keep Rhino V5 (along with Rhino 6) until you can afford MR 4 and its upcoming rhino plugin.

Thank you everybody,

I think I made a mistake I’ve just bought Rhino 6!

Any idea? Hope they will let me change it with Rhino 5


Rhino 6 is much more worthy than Rhino 5 for many many reasons
Keep Rhino 6. But if you have a chance to get V5
(honnestly, I don’t know if it’s possible or not to get a V5 license from a V6 license, but it should sound acceptable in your case), then YOUR Maxwell Render Plugin will work fine from any file saved to Rhino 5 format from Rhino 6.

I will download Rhino 5 (90 days free version) and see what McNeel will do with my license : )

Thank you very much!

If you purchased a full (not upgrade) license of Rhino V6, you can get a free “legacy” license of V5 for Windows or Mac (not both).

You first need to create a Rhino account and put your V6 license in there and validate it.
Then go here to request your V5 license, use the same e-mail as you used to validate your V6.


Thank you very much Mitch,

I need it as I use Maxwell Render plugin, I think I did validate my license on Rhino account but they already

Send me a new license!



I got it, thank you!

But now I have another problem, maybe you can help me again :slight_smile:

I have a really bad resolution on my Dell xps 15 any suggestion?

Thank you!

mmmh…I don’t really see a bad resolution in your screenshot or I have missed something.

Hi Vasco, I’ve a problem that I hope you could solve, recently I’ve reinstalled some software on my pc and maxwell render v3 too, I know it’s a very old version but for my use I don’t need to update…
The problem I’ve now is that I do not find anymore the old rhino plugin of maxwell for rhino v5.
I ask you if you have the installation file of that plugin to share just because on maxwell site is no more avaiable…
Thanks a lot for help,

Hi @illo76,

You can still download Maxwell Render v3 and its Rhino plugin at the Next limit customer support portal Next Limit - Portal. Under downloads look for the section Maxwell - Older Versions

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