Maxwell 2.7.0 Plugin crash

I extensively use Maxwell plu-in on rhino and have licenses for both softwares.
Overnight my computer crashed and the plugin disappeared, when i try to install it again through Plugin-Manager and i select Maxwell.Rhino.rhp it is impossible to load and I get the following message:

“impossible to load file or Assembly 'Maxwell.Version=, Culture=Neutral, PublickeyToken=….” file is specified impossible to find"

Did anybody encountered this problem previously, could somebody help?
Thank you.

Maxwell-Render v4 plugin is simply NOT compatible with Rhino v6 since it does not exist, and MR V2 (!?) or 3 will never.

Hi I’m still using maxwell 2.7 and rhino 5.
It worked for years until yesterday.

oh I see, you use Rino 5. Well, does MR stand alone is still working ? Maybe re-installing Maxwell suite will solve the license file problem?