Maxwell 4.1.1 Plugin not being recognized by Rhino 6

Can anyone help me get this up and running, or should I pester the people at Nextlimit.

You’ll have to talk to Next Limit to find out how far they’ve come with porting Maxwell to Rhino 6.
From their support page, it’s clear that it’s not available yet.

Best is to ask Eric Nixon, he’s the Rhino plug-in developer at NextLimit.

NextLimit recently released Maxwell Render v. 4.2. Has anyone heard any news about a Rhino 6 plugin?

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@alonso.rosado is the new plug in developer. He is building the new plug in from scratch, and it’s expected to be released in a time frame from 3 to 6 months. So be patient. Goods news is the new plugin will be also compatible with Mac Rhino.

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Thanks for the update! I’ll just wait patiently until the plugin is released.

Hello all!

I guess I’ll drop my little pinch of info, seeing that I’ve been summoned :smiling_imp: . As @jespizua said, the planned release date is within the interval of 3 to 6 months, barring any dire setback. Anyway, I wanted to extend the info regarding Mac. The new Plugin is being rewritten using RhinoCommon and the crossplatform facilites McNeel provides, and thus, as platform specific elements are being avoided, should be easily portable to the Mac, once McNeel reaches parity of features regarding RhinoCommon on both platforms (if not already).

This said, the main focus is, as of now, Rhino on Windows, as providing the people the capability to work with the latest Rhino’s release and Maxwell is our top proirity. Once an initial release of Rhino 6’s is done, the work on the Mac port will start which, as I said, should be easy enough.

Thank you all for your patience!


Hi Alonso,

Would be great, when we are able to use our Rhino V6 licence.

  1. Will the new plug in save all the Maxwell parameters (camera (shift lens, type of lens, etc …) and location, environment, etc…) when you save a view in Rhino ?

  2. Would the new plug in have access to Procedural Textures ?

  3. at the moment, do not have access to the location list ? (drop down menu is empty…) is there a way to reset the list ?

  4. Would be great to have a batch render option to send more than 1 view to render directly (all, or select view) to send to maxwell monitor (network)

Thank you in advance,


Hello @StephaneHof,

Regarding your proposals:

1 should be easy enough to fulfill, as it is already partially implemented and I could extend its actual implementation with custom data to fullfill your petition.

As of 2, it is also on the roadmap.

Regarding 4, this would be of minor priority at this momente as other features take precedance, but when more important stuff is taken out of the way it could be implemented as well. I’ve already thought of a couple ways it could be done, and it should be easy enough.

Finally, regarding 3, you are probably missing the cities.txt file. Thus, to solve the empty list error, just add the attached file to your maxwell render folder, just beside the .exe, and you should be golden!

I hope this solves your doubts.


cities.txt (28.7 KB)

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Thank you.
Regarding point 1, i have noticed as well that when you import view from another file in Rhino. you loose as well all the Maxwell parameters.



There is another problem i have, but not sure if it is a problem or i do not understand it properly.
it does not seems to search the path of the texture folder where the material is saved

path / link to the texture in the material get lost when:

  1. Import material ? from a server path
  2. When exporting material and re importing material in another rhino file

Hello @StephaneHof,

First of all, I’ll try to take into account that issue when developing 1. As of now, I dont exactly know if the necessary callbacks are accesible to do this, but if not, we’ll figure out a workaround :wink:.

Regarding your two last questions, may I refer you to the Maxwell Forum? I’m afraid as the developer of the new plugin, my knowledge of the old one is somewhat limited regarding it’s issues and quirks. I’m sure my colleagues will be able to answer any doubts there!

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Hello Alonso,

Any chance you can hazard a guess re: release date for the Rhino plugin? You hard work is very much anticipated!!

Many thanks,

Hi all,

I would like to ask, I’ve download and install the Maxwell for rhino, and after all the installation steps, it didn’t come out in the current render.

What should I do ?


I am also very eagerly awaiting maxwell for rhino 6! Gooooo Alonso!!!


According to the Maxwell forum Alonso is no longer developing the Rhino plug-in - no one does at the moment…


Very sad NextLimit neglects Rhino like this. I will instruct our studio to move to a different rendering pipeline.

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Yes. I does not seems that are working on it.

They change the Licence systems and force us to buy Maxwell for Rhino. and After they do not support it…


Stay away from MAxwell