Maxwell / Rhino 6 compatibility



I recently upgraded to R6 and have a multitude of plug-in’s that are starting to come online as R6 matures.

The one I am missing the most is Maxwell. I have a license for Maxwell V3, is it compatible with Rhino 6? Getting a hold of the NextLimit guys is kind of a pain.



My advice is to keep rhino 5 along with rhino 6. I don’t think next limit will make any new plugin MR v3 compatible. (helas).


Alonso (@alonso.rosado) is working on the new Maxwell plug-in.


(Alonso Rosado) #5

First of all, thanks to @Philip for catching my attention on this.

Regarding what @1_Mike_D said, I’m afraid that there is no plans of offering support for V3 in the new plugIn. We strive to offer a complete experience as fast as possible, and thus we must prioritize, and to be blunt ensuring v3 compatibility would only slow down the development for all.

I’m sorry not to be the bearer of good news.