Maxwell 5 for Rhino mac 6

Hi guys,

I just wanted you to know how much of a step forward NextLimit has made with the Maxwell Render plugin for Rhino 6 on the mac.

I know this is very subjective, and everyone has a different point of view and also different needs.

Why I think it is now worth a real consideration:

  • Multilight is working properly, you can also group lights and emitters
  • FIRE is integrated and works well - you can now look at a render preview in your viewport
  • Maxwell Materials are integrated in the Rhino Materials menu (mw 5.1), no materials popup needed. Much simpler and most importantly faster
  • you can now hide light sources
  • you can work with the Rhino sun which is integrated

Rhino mac and Maxwell play very well togehter now.

There are stil some small flaws, for example the camera output name or the lack of grass and sea…

When I was an architecture student I was in love with Maxwell, then I switched to mac. And now, after many years there is a decent MW version for Rhino mac! I love it.

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I love the results from Maxwell, and I’ve bought several versions of it now, but TBH I think my patience has run out with NextLimit. I would be interested in a Mac Rhino integration that is actually usable, but that’s what I thought I was getting the last time I paid them hundreds of euros (for version 4), and I was wrong that time.

I guess I should try and install the demo version, but at this point I’m skeptical whether even that is worth my time.

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For a few days I am now testing and using Rhino mac 7 with the brandnew Maxwell 5.2 plugin.

And I don’t know what to say… fantastic!

I love the Maxwell Materials Panel. It is easy to use and fast.
I usually work on the laptop and the render always resumes when I am working. Therefore I can render in the background and render time is not an issue anymore. And since it is now super stable my computer now just renders whenever I open it.
When you save the mxi file you can edit the light settings whenever you want and resave the image. Now this works without any flaws.