Problems with Texture

Hello guys!

I have Rhino 4SR9 and Vray. I am trying to render a house. I have huge problems with texturing. I know how to do it, it just doesn’t go thru. I apply texture from bitmap, it needs scaling/rotating. I do it, sometimes it shows in Rhino viewport rendered view, sometimes doesn’t, but most importantly, it doesn’t render according to adjustments. Second, I have a group od surfaces with the same texture. Say, a cube. I need to rotate texture only on two sides. I would rotate it everywhere, making it impossible to have error-free result.
Does anyone know what is going on?
I don’t think it is the rendering engine, because I used to Maxwell, and now I have Rhino, but the problem is the same.

Thanks, guys.

  1. The rendered viewport in Rhino 4 does not accurately show texture maps that have been adjusted, like in a new tiling value. I always found that I HAD to do a test render to see how it looks. This is fixed in Rhino 5.

  2. If you have a solid or polysurface, the assigned texture map will span all joined faces. The hack I use is to extract all the faces that need special projection and do them separately. They can still have the same material, but with different texture mapping ‘widget’ type (planar, box, spherical, etc).

If you are concerned about a ‘broken’ model, just make two copies on different layers. One for rendering that is broken, and the original that is joined for prototyping.

Thank you Schultzeworks, this is very helpful, especially the hack part. my problem with Rhino texture is non-precise to the point of being uncontrollable. I re-installed Rhino, because after some thinking I realized it was not possible that such bug existed. It runs ok now.