Materials do not appear

Help! :slight_smile:
Whenever I save an ArchiCAD file in .3dm to import it into Rhino 5, the following problem appears:
I cannot assign a material to an object. Whatever I try - assigning a material to a full layer or to individual objects, it just doesn’t work and stays the color of the material ArchiCAD uses. I have no idea what I can try next.
Thanks in advance,

Could you post one of those ArchiCAD 3dm files?

Ohne Titel.3dm (319.7 KB)
I just put something together, since it doesn’t seem to matter how complex the model is.

Hi Maria,
Those objects are saved as blocks. If you don’t plan on using the same object at many places throughout a more complex model, there is little that can be gained from using blocks. In that case you can select all blocks and use ExplodeBlock to get access to the objects within the blocks. Remember to use Purge after exploding the blocks to get rid of their definitions that will increase fill size.

Alternatively, you can double-click a block to change its properties.