Assigned materials not showing up in the frame buffer / rendering

Hey guys,

as already said, I got a problem with rhino+vray at assigning materials. I converted my model from archicad as .obj file and tried to assign the materials in vray, but the (rendered) model is always showing solid colors. I actually don’t get what the problem is. If I draw a box in rhino and try to assign the material it works out well, but if it’s up to the imported surfaces, it doesn’t.
I didn’t find any similiar problems, so I’ll post it here. Hope someone can help me.

most likely the objects are imported as a block instance. You cannot apply materials to a block instance, you have to open the block first or explode the block.

Actually I‘ve tried to explode the elements because I already thought it would be something like that, but is there a specific way to do so? My way of doing it didnt help…

Can you post the file.?

_ExplodeBlock helps to explode all block levels without to explode polysurfaces.

Wow - thanks! ExplodeBlock made it editable and now it shows the texture! I should not have set the program to german, so I would have found the command by myself.

Thank you very much for the help!

I use Rhino in english mode instead german too. So it’s easier to talk about Rhino here. :wink: