Problem with assigning materials to imported models


I have a scene in Rhino 5, and I have a problem with assigning material to imported models (not originally created in Rhino). Funny thing is that I can apply materials to objects created within the scene (created in Rhino), but anything imported still stays gray. I’ve tried applying materials by layer and by object, doesn’t seem to help at all…I thought that there is something wrong with my Rhino, but if I create new file with simple shapes and apply materials to them, it works perfectly fine…What am I doing wrong? I don’t need any complcated materials, I just need to change objects colors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ps. There are some screenshots of the scene. Blue thing is a surface created within the scene. Platform and cranes are imported. It is shown on the layers panel that I’m trying to apply yellow material to both cranes, but it doesn’t work in rendered mode…On the second screenshot I’m trying to apply material directly to the object, but it also doesn’t work :frowning:

Hi Elen,

The objects you are trying to assign materials to are Block Instances. That means that unless objects inside the block definitions have materials set to ByParent, assigning the materials to Blocks will not do anything. You would either need to assign materials to objects inside the blocks, or explode the block instances and assign materials then.

PS. Rhino Corporate version? It officially does not exist, AFAIK…