Material UV-mapping of referenced files

Hi there,

I have a problem with the UV-mapping of referenced files:

First, I apply a material via the Maxwell scene manager and adjust it on the geometry by using the built-in texture mapping tools from Rhino: In my case this meant adding a planar mapping channel and doing some fine tuning using the UV-editor. Until here, everything works.

Then, I reference this file into a master document as a block. But here, some of my texture mapping work disappears (and shows the default mapping scenario). Exploding the reference did not help and (strangely enough) copy&pasting the geometry from the source file to the master file did neither.
It seems that something “overwrites” the customized UV-settings in the new file.

Has anyone encountered a comparable problem or is there a solution I´m not seeing?

Thanks in advance,

Can you post the 3dm that you insert as a block into another file? Make sure to include the texture maps that show the issue in case Maxwell materials don’t embed textures in the 3dm by default. Also show screenshots or renders to explain which UVs look right with the planar mapping prior to blocking and insertion into a new file and how the UVs look wrong once you do that.

I’d want to check to see if the same issue happens if Rhino Render is the active renderer too in case it’s something specific to Maxwell and UVs in blocks.