Block instance UV problem,

If i have a block instance with a UV map assigned, however when i want to edit the block and click ok afterwards the UV updates and completely goes to a random place,…

Hi Sabino- can you post or send me (, Att’n: Pascal) a file that is set up this way, so that if I BlockEdit it will be messed up? Please set DocumentProperties > Rendering to 'Save support files in 3dm file."


Hi Pascal, ive attached a file, just doubleclick on it and watch it change, press ok and it changes again and this just goes on and on,…ding.3dm (648.5 KB)

If some one is working on the block UV could he please look that mappings stick at the position relative to the block and not to the new coordinate system always? If I remember me right this was a problem too. My workaround was/is to extract the render mesh, export and import the mesh as OBJ. So I get the mapping “baked” to the objects,rock solid fixed. Could be great if the mapping widgets could do it by it self.