Material Reflection map?

Hi @nathanletwory,

How would I set up a map to control the reflection in the materials?
Using a map to control how some areas are more reflective and/or also more polished is important.

Here’s an example:


Currently this can be achieved only through GhShaderNodes. Are you prepared to use that?

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If so I’d add a disney BSDF, an image texture node, a texture coordinates input node and a RGB to BW or RGB to Luminance node.

Connect texcoord.UV to imtex.Vector, select an image for imtex (luminance scale or grey scale, white is rough, black is polished).

Connect imtex.Color (or .Image, I forgot which it is) to converter node. Connect converter node to Disney roughness. Set metallic to 1. Connect disney to output node.



P.s. untested, written in severe flu, on my phone.

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You may want to add a texture on the anisotropic channel as well.

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Mentally: Yes, have been for 15 years!
But physically? not yet, what do I need?

And can it be shown in realtime?

(I need to prepare it for VR use, and currently do not have Cinema4D installed)

You need GhShaderNodes, I have to create a new release tomorrow when Rhino WIP is released. I’ll make a sample definition too, then.

It is as real-time as in the videos on my YouTube channel.


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