Cycles Reflection control by texture map

Hi, playing around with cycle materials.

cant figure out how to control reflection level with a texture map. Seems that the only way to control reflectivity is with a homogeneous color. Am I missing something?


I mean, color, transparency, bump and enviroment channels can be controlled by Textures, but glossiness and reflection are only possible to control with a color. Not sure if this because a current limitation, or there other workaround in this renderer to obtain variation on “reflection qualities” variation on reflections blurriness, etc.

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The current materials you can add in Rhino indeed have no reflection or roughness maps. This is something that will be added in the future.


ok, thank you Nathan, good to know.

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Will there be transluent setting as well?
For example making like curtains and silicone lights, etc…

If you mean subsurface scattering then control for that is likely. There is already a simple translucent material if you want to test it. Run the command TestShowPrivateContent to have this appear in the material list.


Have reflective maps been added to the latest beta? It would be a great time saver to use them in Rendered (OpenGL) and Cycles without resorting to a more heavy duty rendering engine.

I’ll publish soon a plug-in with an example material that provides a PBR-style material. This will have the possibility to use maps for reflection (and many other things).


Fantastic, thanks for the update!

Hi Nathan,

I was checking out Metallic/Roughness Material but can’t find Normal Map slot.

@andy, does the metallic material have a normal map slot?

@Czaja just use the Rhino PBR-style material (RhinoPbrMaterial from _TestPackageManager), it is like the Principled BSDF of Blender Cycles with some additions (AO map, emission texture).

Thanks, I will play with it.

FYI, the tangents aren’t being calculated currently, so the normal maps don’t work as well as the could. I have an item on my soon-todo-list to ensure we calculate tangents for normal maps to work nicely.

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I just returned to the topic because I would like to start testing Blender along with Rhino for some still frame renderings. There is still no normal map slot :frowning:

As per Rhino approach you can drop a normal map in the bump slot

I was looking for the normal map among channels in Rhino PBR-style material.
So if I put Normal map into Bump Map slot it is not converted into grayscale and treated as a grayscale bump map?

In the WIP you should no longer use the Rhino PBR-style material from the plug-in. Please delete that and use the Physically Based material. It has superceded any older material. For that I am sure it will correctly select the right path for bump vs normal.

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