Glossy or Reflective finish for Texturemaps?

I have an image texture-mapped to a undulating mesh. I want the picture that is mapped onto the mesh to have a glossy finish and show some highlights, suggesting more 3D shape and depth than its current flat rendering provides.

The reflective or glossy option is available to solid and metallic colors or materials, but not for pictures.

I am using Rhino 6

Hello - the glossiness setting and reflectivity of the underlying material should be in the texture as well.



Thank You Pascal !, I note that if you bring the image in as a picture you get this as a default, which also has self illuminated checked. Then once you change Picture to Custom you then get the Gloss and Reflection adjustments.

Change the type from Picture to Custom after you’ve imported the image. The material behaves the same, but you get access to the sliders @pascal shows in his screenshot.