Material preview super weird and blown out

the big one in the editor looks fine but the thumbnail is all messed up.

If you have Cycles for Rhino (CfR) set as current renderer switch to Rhino Render. CfR will not be in the final V6 product, so best is to test and use Rhino without it. If you need a different resolution from the active Raytraced viewport you can use ViewCaptureToFile or ViewCaptureToClipboard. Both do modal rendering if necessary, and are much faster than rendering to the RenderWindow with CfR.

I didn’t understand that, thanks for clearing it up, looks great now

Now why on earth would anybody use RhinoRender?
That is really frustrating me, it might have been good enough to help out a designer back in the 90’s but it has been inferior to any other engine since then and has been able to dictate over what designers are able to get in vanilla Rhino for way too long. One thing is it limited quality, but it is also very slow and doesn’t ever support basic lighting features and should be rendered dead. IMHO.
Rant out, back to being a smiling fanboy. Love Rhino!

kinda doesnt matter does it? the raytraced viewport is the thing now.

Well, CfR/Raytraced doesn’t support Clipping Planes yet, so until then (V7 likely) RhinoRender is for that the better choice (or probably any of the other great render engines). Note that you should be able to access the Next WIP which will have CfR should you prefer that as your render solution (: you’ll just have to give devs a stern, hard look when they break the WIP ^.^

Sure, Raytraced is CfR, just not in the modal render window (:

Well that’s the point, it does as it still limited by what Rhino Render can and can’t do because it is mimicking Rhino Render instead of being a full breed Cycles implementation with all the bells and whistles that Cycles can do.
That said raytraced viewport is great as long as we still can toggle on reflected light AND if we can download a Cycles render plugin for V6. But I really wish Rhino Render was not allowed to dictate what OpenGL and Raytraced can and can not do any more. It was old fashion thinking 10 years ago and still is.

But I promiced to stop whining, so ignore that :wink:

Raytraced isn’t restricted by Rhino Render. The brief episode of diffuse bounces set to zero is over already for several weeks, we should all just forget that ever happened. The CfR plug-in doesn’t add any new features to Raytraced - never has, and never will. What is in Raytraced is in CfR. What is in CfR is in Raytraced (except the modal render window). Now, for V6 you get the fully integrated Cycles engine in the form of Raytraced, in the Next WIP (when V6 is finally out) you get to use the modal render window (but really, ViewCaptureTo* is MUCH faster).

Happy enough? Still confused? Let me know, I’ll try to put it in other words (:

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It isn’t that way - we’ve never really been limited by RhinoRender. It’s more about being limited by the internal rendering design, which was basically designed around the OpenGL 1.1 spec. That is all going to change in Rhino 7.

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I love to stand corrected! And as long as you are happy so will I be.
It doesn’t change my feelings towards RhinoRender, but I fully respect the logic of keeping it alive since so many render engines has been abandoned or been bought up over the years.
What we really need though is all the funky stuff that easily makes renderings stand out, like carpaint shaders, depthfog, autoexposure, exposure override slider and easy to add alpha channels for all settings like reflection, specular etc.
Will Cycles be available as a downloadable plugin for V6?
I really hope it will. Or that V7 will be released quickly :slight_smile:

But why? It will produce exactly the same image as the Raytraced mode - and it will take a lot longer to do so. You need longer coffee breaks?

Wait, what? Are you saying there are people who need shorter coffee breaks? O.o

Predictability and Hig res images are the reasons.
But are you saying that viewcapturetofile has matured enough for production and that it is as good at rendering high res images as the plugin? If it is equally scriptable then I am sure it can be good enough.

Yes, you can script ViewCaptureToFile. If you check -_ViewCaptureToFile you’ll see that there is also a RealtimePasses option. You can specify with this the amount of passes you want. So if you have your viewport on say 500x300 @ 50 samples, but you want to capture at 2K @ 5000 samples, then you can script that like that.


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