Raytraced / Cycles advanced settings

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Sweet, will try it out.
I see that raytraced shows all curves on top right now, and don’t blend them into the scene though.
And navigating a medium file is slow as it doesn’t pixelate the output to get a high framerate, nor does it swap to rendered mode. So on my 970gtx I get about 1 fps and then it suddenly draws wireframe on top of the raytraced results and then the wireframe turns to boundingboxes on top of the raytraced result. So something is bad right now. Yesterdays build.
Here curves are on top:

vs rendered mode:

Correction to earlier post, the option is called NumberOfPasses. See Macros and Rendering Crashes for usage in script by @hifred

@Holo, the curves and such you’re seeing while manipulating view is the degradation you’re seeing. Since you’re getting poor reaction performance the OpenGL part is being drawn degraded.

You can set UseStartResolution to true and StartResolution to something like 64 (the default) before switching to Raytraced. That should give you much better response while manipulating the view.

You can also enable UseFastDraw for the switch to OpenGL with fade in.

Note that these settings are in the Advanced section.


Thanks for answering, but where do I set that?
They are not under RhinoCycles_SetRenderOptions and neither in the options page.

Feelin’ stoopid… but Cheers :smiley:

Nothing to feel stupid about. Not knowing is not the same as being stupid (:slight_smile:

Consider yourself educated from now on :wink:

Uncheck “Only display modified values” to see all the options you can play with.

And you’re right, not all options are available through the command. I suppose you’d like to have that possibility? Setting any setting, advanced or not, through a command, so that you can script it?


P.S. you may notice some secret settings like blades and blade rotation… I wonder what those are for! :wink:

Thanks! Please for the sake of logic rename “Advanced” to “Cycles Advanced” so they stack underneath each other in the list… my old mind is hurting and this reminds me of finding settings in 3Ds Max back in the 90’s… :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding blades… I grew up with SLR’s so this tickels my curiosity :smiley:

For the preview, can the preview be based on Rhino Render even if current renderer is set to Cycles?
Seems more logical as you can’t get the full cycles in V6. & seems better than the white washed ones.

I would if these were only RhinoCycles advanced options. But they aren’t. They are the advanced options for entire Rhino. Lots of switches, levers and pulleys to break it big time ^.^

In the latest BETA release 6.0.17325.16351 CfR is now no longer available to set as current renderer, so that won’t happen.

Ok. gotcha.

Sub items under the category render stuff would lump it together?

I also find the whole settings thing being a nightmare to navigate. A search box searching on keywords / categories? Anything but the current mess.

// Rolf

Like @wim posts, type RhinoCycles to see only Cycles settings.

Yes @wim, that section has search, and that is perfect and should cover all settings. But I really meant the whole “settings thing”, all of it, not only the Advanced section. Things are spread out all over.

I mainly use R5 so I might have missed if R6 is entirely restructured, but a quick look tlls me it’s essentially the same structure in R6.

// Rolf

I see that "Samples"are on two places:

And adjusting the settings are tedious since there are no “apply” button.
I have to klick OK to close the settings dialog box and then open settings again and type in Cycles to filter it and then find the place where I adjusted the data and type new values and do it all over again until happy.
Result: Leave stuff alone and use Vanilla settings.

That said the “Use start resolution” should be FPS driven and on by default IMO.
Thanks for listening and taking the time to explain Nathan! It is very much appreciated!

Yes. All settings that are categorized “all over the place” are also found in the advanced section (not that I have actually checked for each setting) - but not the other way around. So - if you know a keyword of what you are looking for, you can find that setting here and change it.

Bring it on! Eagerly anticipating your perfect list of how things should be done…
McNeel is known for considering specific feedback. Just saying “everything is wrong” probably isn’t going to get you far…

< repeat >
Render stuff under category render stuff?
< / repeat >

// Rolf

The lower-case entries are old settings that are no longer used. You can use the TestCleanupRhinoCyclesSettings command to remove those.

There is no apply button, since changing a setting here instantly changes the setting. Currently there is no auto-restart of the Raytraced viewport(s) though. I had that for a brief period I think, but IIRC it was a bit unstable. I’ll most likely try to get that working in the service release cycle, though.

I guess there are different user bases here. There are those who absolutely don’t want to see the resolution refinement (there have been some posts on that in the recent past), there are those who do want it. Then there are those who absolutely don’t want the fade-in effect from OpenGL to Raytraced (because on rotate the switch from Raytraced to OpenGL is for these people too jarring). I must say that I actually like to have both on personally, but for now it is like this.

Also, based on FPS is not the easiest, but I think I can add something like during 6.x: RH-42673

That makes a lot of sense and my needs changes from project to project too, so what really would like is a document options page for Cycles where these things were stored, rather than having them globally hidden in the Advanced tab (that I didn’t even know about) :slight_smile:

We’ll be working on providing better access to advanced options in the (near?) future. The focus has been integration with as few buttons as possible (which obviously brings its own set of problems), i.e. cater for the socalled Render n00b. Gradually you render nerds will get your shiny buttons and doodahs :slight_smile:

bokeh_test.3dm (119.7 KB)

But ssshhht, secret!

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I love it! And will promise NOT to play with it :smiley:
But one thing that is backwards is the Aperture, why isn’t it using SLR values? 1.4 should yield more depth blur than 11 and now it is opposite.
I think either the Name should change to “blur amount in percent” or the value should change so 0 is super blurry and 22 is clear as day.
Mixing photography terms with new ways to determin value isn’t intuitive IMO.

Oh, and I wish for viewcapturetofile to have something similar to this on the status bar:
Knowing how long it has calculated in time and percent, and an estimation of how long it has left, is key info.