Material color picker broken/unresponsive unless a selection is made from "Pencils" first

Changing the color of a layer material doesn’t work in certain cases:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open material editor by clicking layer material in layers panel
  • Click Color (e.g. under Plaster Material), the native Color picker dialog opens on a given tab based on how the color was originally selected (in this case, HSB sliders)
  • Moving the sliders doesn’t change the material color
  • If, instead, you go to the “Pencils” tab, and select a different color, then go back to HSB sliders and adjust, the change takes effect

Hi Carsten - does this happen every time? In any file?


Hi Pascal. Appears that way, here it is on a brand-new empty file. Using the latest Rhino on a well-spec’d 2019 MBP

Hi Carsten - I was able to reproduce that here and created item RH-55867.

RH-55867 Color Picker: Color from HSB sliders is not sent to material color

should be fixed in the latest Rhino 6 for Mac Service Release. Thanks again for reporting this.