Chaging layer color


In 5A751 I’m having trouble changing the layer color with the RGB sliders. If I click on the color in the sidebar, then click the color sliders icon in the Colors pop-up window, I can enter different numbers and see the change in the window but the color never changes in the sidebar or on the objects that I’d expect to change. I may be doing something wrong but the change takes when I change the color with the color wheel or color palette.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hmm- this works here in the latest in-house builds as far as I can see- The layer color and object colors followin the rgb slider as I make the changes. Not sure what to suggest other than to try the next WIP, perhaps it’s a bug that has been fixed.



Okay thanks, I’ll try it in the next version and let you know if I’m still having trouble.


it’s hard to tell exactly your process but things can get a little confusing in these regards…

when rhino is ready to accept a color change, the layer color indicator will have a white highlight square around it:

are you seeing that highlight when attempting to edit the color?

it’s also possible to have it in a state where you’re editing the color in the color picker but no changes are being made to the layer color… there’s no highlight in the following screenshot… i’m editing the color in the color picker but no changes are happening in rhino… this seems like the problem you’re describing.


Yes, I’ve gotten the white highlight square around the color. This problem seems to be intermittent and I haven’t found the sequence of steps that makes it easy to duplicate. I plan to download the next version as soon as it’s available and will try to duplicate it with that version. The reason I thought it might be a problem is because changes made on the color wheel were seen in Rhino as I was making them but changed made with the RGB sliders were ignored.

Our color pickers look different as well (mine is on the right), I don’t know if that’s relevant or not. I’m uploading an example of that because right now I have no problem changing colors with the RGB sliders and nothing else to send you.


it may be relevant… mine is yosemite’s color picker and yours is from osx10.9 (or 10.8?)


Yes, I’m on 10.9.5.


Okay, I’m now on 5A761w. I’m having trouble changing the color of a layer for a reason which is not obvious. I click on the layer color indicator and get the color picker. when I click on the box so I can type a new number in the field, the color indicator box deselects and the white area surrounding the color disappears. However, I can drag the slider to change the color successfully. I’m sure that I’ve been able to type numbers into the boxes before but I can’t make that work any more. I don’t know if this is a bug or if it’s working correctly but I’ve typed numbers into the boxes on the color picker before.

And once I’ve successfully changed the colors of several different layers, is there a way to move those changes to another drawing? Thanks.


I’m on 5A766w and experiencing the same problem. I can set layer colors with the slider but cannot enter a number directly in the box.
I’m using OSx10.8.5


This has actually been an issue for a while. I’ve gotten so accustomed to making sure i pick colours using the sliders that i forgot numeric input was an issue.