Wish? changing material color is way too complicated

changing the material color has too many steps. for instance changing the layer material color implies the following steps:

click on layer material → material pops up - > click on color → color wheel pops up → change color → the background color changes, with quite a delay, makes working really tough → keep changing till you find the color → finally hit apply → color wheel closes - > material still open so hitting apply once more.

that is just insane if i might say so.

i would suggest implementing the color wheel into the material panel that changing avoids half of these steps. in any way hitting apply twice is absolutely unnecessary.

@nathanletwory what do you think?

Hmm, the color wheel dialog is quite a bit wider than what the material panel generally is.

But I guess it could be one way to solve the problem.

I generally change colors for materials just through the materials panel, but I can see that it may be hard if you haven’t named your materials in a clear way and instead have Plaster, Plaster (001), Plaster (002) and so on. Doing it through the materials panel you have just to click the color button to get the picker and once done just OK in the picker.

I’ll log a YT item for improving the color picking workflow though: RH-64657 Improve color picking workflow.

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hm, well it has been pretty confusing to me how the materials work generally, they are so interwoven, existing on both the inspector and properties panel then also texture mapping and materials might do well together. a general restructuring and rethinking to simplify materials would help in my opinion.

regarding the color wheel in the materials panel, when i click on the layer material on the layer panel i get a pop up which is independently from the material panel as wide as one pulls it, in anyway the color wheel could be also adapted to fit into a more compact panel for instance.

anyway thanks @nathanletwory

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