Weird HSB Slider behavior

I’m getting really weird “shaky” behavior from the HSB sliders (and CMYK sliders) when changing an object’s Display Color (to custom). Can someone else verify this?

Thanks, I see this too. Filed as

fyi, I’m still getting this bug in the latest Mac evaluation build.

Same here in RC2… the bug is still open.

Hello all - I’m having the same problem today with my CMYK sliders in Rhino for Mac 5.3.1
The problem just started for me this afternoon, has been operating fine until now. I use OSX El Capitan 10.11.5

Has anyone figured out what’s happening here? I need to specify object colors for an environmental design project - currently having to translate the CMYK values into HEX values, but this is not ideal.


Hi Corrie-

Sorry about this. This bug has been reprioritized and we’ll take a look…it may not be something that we can easily fix before the next release, but we’ll do some more investigation.


There’s OS X 10.11.6 as an update.


Unfortunately, digging into this a little deeper, it looks like we don’t have an easy path forward. Right now, Rhino stores color values as RGB values and - when converting to CMYK - these values don’t get converted properly. This is a problem, no doubt, and one that needs fixing. However, we’re going to have to look into a better solution for this in a cross-platform way (this problem is not specific to Rhino for Mac as far as I can tell). I know that’s a rather lame answer - this ought to be easy! - but I just wanted to let people know that converting “by hand” will be the only workaround in Rhino 5 for Mac right now. Rhino 6 for Mac may be another story.


Thanks Dan,

It’s a bummer that there’s no easy fix, but I understand. Oddly, it’s an
intermittent problem - maybe that makes more sense based on what you see