Layer color not showing the picker

When I click the color chooser on Layers panel nothing happens.
Not sure if this has been reported already but didn’t find anything on forum
Running Rhino BETA (7.0.20273.15003, 29/09/2020)

Any chance it’s on a 2nd monitor or behind your modeling window? I cannot reproduce it here.

No way, as I hit the color nothing happens.
The only way to change layer color is through ColorPicker Plugin from McNeel.
If I set any other option rather than Default I get a Color Picker.

can you do a screen recording and show us what is happening?

before you do that, run help>check for updates.

Ok, how do you prefer the screen recording to be done? I remember there was some command built into Windows 10 but cannot recall it.

I use snagit or a gif recorder… there are several free ones out there.

Here you can find link to the video.
This was happening already before installing ColorPicker plugin.


have you updated to the commercial release of v7? Are you still seeing this issue?

Not yet! didn’t know Rhino 7 had been released :grinning:
Downloading now.
Tested, but I am having the same issue, Default Color Picker is NOT showing.

The V6-style ‘default’ color picker is no longer available in V7. You now get the multi-system color picker.