Material assignments problem

Hi all
I am using Rhino 8 on windows 10, I have made a subD object & when I select the whole object I can assign materials to they whole object which is fine, but if I use sub object selection to select certain faces the ability to assign materials disappears

I have attached two images one showing the full object selected and as you can see on the object properties I can add materials using the material tab,
the second image shows the sub object selected and in the properties panel the material selection tab is no longer available, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.
Thanks in advance for any help with thisRegards

Hi David -

SubD subobjects do not support unique materials.
This request is on the list as RH-56446 SubD objects don’t support sub object materials


Thanks for letting me know, fantastic tool though I’m really impressed with Rhino 8 it’s so easy to create objects & models!!

Best regards


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