Bug Subobject Material Assigment Through Properties Pallet


I wanted to note a UI bug when assigning material to subfaces. When a subface is selected, in the ‘Properties’ pallet the Material pallet can be selected:

But I find it is very random whether it actually works or not (change to the Material pallet)? In about 50-60% of cases, it sort of ‘flashes’ to the materials pallet, and then right back to the Properties pallet?

See the screen-recording movie attached here (I hope it worked?) for an example showing this behavior. Note that after several repeated tries, it finally ‘works’ and the pallet changes to the Material pallet.

This only seems to be an issue with subfaces of Polysurface objects (that I have seen so far)


  • Macbook 2021, Apple M1 Max
  • OS 12.5.1 (Monterey)
  • Rhino Version 7 (7.21.22208.13002, 2022-07-27)))

thank you very much,

Hi Ed -

I see there is an issue with that on Rhino 7. This appears to have been fixed in Rhino 8.

Thanks @wim ! That is good to hear.