… “unread”-status when reading posts from different computers… Yesterday I closed the forum on my home computer with 53 messages unread. Today when I open the forum on my computer here at work I have only 8 unread messages!?! This isn’t the first time it happens either. I have Google Chrome on both computers. There’s no way I can find the messages that I haven’t read, is there? Hope you can fix this.



Ok, this is probably due to my own stupidity… I obviously have to check “Consider topics new when… you haven’t viewed them yet.” Lets see if that does it…



Yes, the default is to only consider topics new for two days. This is so that we do not overwhelm people with hundreds of new topics when they come back after weeks.


Ok, I understand. Sorry for the noise :smile:



Not noise, that is what the meta category is for – to understand the site, how it works, and how the community can help improve it.