False Unread(1)

When I am reading articles in the “New” section by opening them in tabs and closing them afterwards, I often get a false Unread(1) - it looks like I have an unread item but when I click on Unread there is nothing.

I see this as well quite a lot.

Me thinks the function to ‘mark that I am reading this post and may want to follow it’ is a bit to hasty, and doesn’t stop to think ‘oh hey, if the person is reading the post, it’s probably already read by them…’

Or it could be some other fluke. :slight_smile:

It’s the time lag. If you don’t wait at least 5 seconds, the post doesn’t necessarily get marked read. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you can see when the flag changes.

– Mitch

I’m getting the opposite lately, most posts I do read don’t have followups show up as Unread.

Months later this is still going on. Can this be fixed PLEASE

I have a fix ready for this, it should be deployed soon:


I don’t know if anything changed, now the new value is more or less stuck and doesn’t go away at all

I’m not sure if the Discourse version has been updated on the McNeel server. I still haven’t seen the new ‘dismiss all’ functionality (not that I have looked hard)…

Yea, Steve usually only does it Sunday night. I was just wondering because the behavior seems to have changed since yesterday - still bad, but different bad… --M

McNeel is running latest. The dismill all is only available in the unread tab.

Looking at it, thanks.

Check it again, it should be better now :slight_smile: It looks like the “New” missed a couple of important cases.


Well, now it seems to be happening in the other direction… Note the discrepancy between what the header indicates for New and Unread and what the topic list indicates… :confounded:


I’ve recently deployed a fix for this one. Sorry about the delay – it took forever to track down!

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