Mapping the Radial Menu of 3Dconnexion

Has anyone sucsesfuly managed to map the radial menu ?
i have the space navigator for Notebook model, and just installed the latest drivers hopping for some additional functionality
i have the latest Mac WIP

i set the 4 buttons in the radial tools for “use any application setting” configuring Rhino [on the top field ]
then i hoped to assign commands to them in Rhino preference, but clicking on them does not show the yellow flash indicating the corresponding field in Rhino Pref.

Any ideas?

with thanks

Make sure at least one of the two buttons is configured and matches the button 1

the other buttons (in your case the second will NOT match any button in this menu (in practice emits yellow flash only the button 1)

I use software 3DxWare 10 10.4.3 and I have no problems.

thank you Simon
I’m already familiar with this part.

eventually i saw that i can assign keystrokes shortcuts to the radial manu.
the limitation there is that they don’t let you write the command name in the field, instead it show the shortcut name [or part of it only if Command key is used] making it unreadable
shortcut with option or control fits ok

Yes, right. We have to go from memory (in my case there are around 15 selecting buttons including 1 with radial menu). …THE solution exists and is called SpaceMouse Enterprise…