Setting up 3DConnexion Buttons


Have been playing with 3DConnexion Pro Wireless and have hit a stumbling block in trying to map commands to the buttons. Within Rhino going to preferences will allow you to map the Menu and Fit button to whatever Rhino command you want. Menu maps to Button 1 and Fit maps to Button 2, none of the other buttons seem to map to the other six buttons although it seems like I can occasionally get Button 3 to flicker.

Moving over OS X preferences and opening the 3Dconnexion panel you can map buttons using this panel:

And while I can certainly map any of the buttons on the device, executing Rhino commands is a bit kludgy in that you either have to write a macro which results in the command window flashing open or you have set up an application specific hotkey sequence in the keyboard preference panel and then map the hotkey sequence to the button here.

There is clearly a method contemplated for executing Rhino commands in the Mapping pulldown but as you can see here its greyed out.

Anyone know how to make this work?

If anyone is contemplating one of these, I’ve got about a week in of fiddling with the two button basic model and now the pro version. Its definitely worth the investment of funds and time to get up to speed.


Dave Driscoll


Dave, I had an older space pilot which sorta worked. However I just picked up a Space Pilot Pro and was seeing some of the same issues you saw.

In order to get it to work at all I had to map at least 1 command to one of the 8 slots in Rhino’s prefs, then the macros I’d created in the 3D Connexion system prefs started working.

I’m thinking what I’ll do is customize the keyboard commands within Rhino, then map the buttons to output that KB command instead of typing out the command or using an alias for speed an to minimize the onscreen distraction of watching text get typed into the command line. Will let you know what I find out.

Gonna be somewhat limited timewise over the next few days but will post when I make headway.



Some updating? I would take him SpaceMouse Pro for Mac Rhino. Can you show me which buttons are working and which not ?. Any suggestions? Thank you

This might be late, but here is an update:

I just bought a SpaceMouse Pro Wireless.
Everything is working perfectly fine with full compatibility with Rhino for Mac.

Buttons will not work out of the box.
You have to program them all one by one:

  • open Rhino for Mac

  • open commands / customize

  • use the search field in the very bottom to search for the individual commands you want to map to your SpaceMouse

  • map each individual command with a unique keyboard shortcut (I suggest, you use as many modifier keys as your hands can manage, so you don’t accidentally do double mappings)

  • save your command profile in Rhino

  • now open the SpaceMouse preferences(you will find it under your Mac OS X system preferences in the 3DConnexion menu)

  • select the profile for Rhinoceros at the top

  • click on “buttons” up top

  • now for each individual button change the setting to keystroke and repeat the keystroke in each field you want to assign a function for

I have assigned every single programable button with a Rhino shortcut and it works beautifully - all view keys, some important functions, etc

One trick to do is to map the Top, Front, Right and Perspective views directly to the view buttons on your SpaceMouse and use an additional modifier key like CTRL for the views: Bottom, Rear, Left, so you have effectively mapped two functions on each of those keys!
I have never once been able to switch between views in Rhino - this is fantastic and makes work so much faster!

I have not much use for the radial menu yet and just have mapped the 3D mouse speed + and - to two of the 4 programable fields, so I can fine tune the movement speed of the mouse on the fly (I mapped the radial menu to the menu button on the mouse but will likely later change that button mapping to something more useful - like Rhino’s own quick menu or the Enter key, which is perplexingly missing from the Wireless SpaceMouse).

for me the keystroke tip is not working.

Instead I’ve to insert in Rhino preferences/3DConnexion the actual script to execute the key shortcut.

so if for Button 1 I want to perform zoom selected all I’ll paste:
'_Zoom _All _Selected