Using buttons on 3D mouse in Rhino for Mac?

being able to use a 3Dconnexion device is really a great help. Thanks for integrating support for those devices.
My SpaceNavigator also has two buttons, which in my setup aren’t used in Rhino by default. Though, they are happily waiting to be used via Preferences > 3Dconnexion > Buttons.
What function I’d like to assign to one of those buttons is, when I grab the device for navigating in 3D view (Perspective) coming from some other viewport, that with one click the viewport Perspective comes to fullscreen. Just as I’d clicked on it’s marking in the upper left corner.
Afaik that would be very easy to do if hot keys existed for selecting viewports. Do they? I cannot find any in my most recent build of Rhino.

If someone already did the trick and could share how that would be great.

the command _MaxViewport will do that… it toggles between 4view and maximum current view… it has a default shortcut of cmmd-option-M

(whether or not you can get it to work as you’re describing, i’m not sure and i don’t have a spacenavigator to try it out)

Hi Jeff,
thanks for your hint. _MaxViewport does exactly what instantly came to my mind: it maximises the currently selected viewport. Also, it toggles between max and 4-at-a-glance. Unfortunately, it does not select the perspective one, shouldn’t it have been active before.

Btw: is there a list or cheat sheet with keyboard shortcuts or hot keys around for Rhino for Mac?

I’ll keep digging for that one-click-trick and keep you posted, once I’ve found it.

for doing that, this macro works:

'_NextPerspectiveViewport _MaxViewport

(and the same thing will work if when toggling back to 4view)

not yet… not that i know of… and there isn’t a way to export the shortcuts to a text file either… the requests for that ability have been made in the past though.

btw- using that macro above on a mouse button does work how i think you’re wanting it to… so you just have to figure out a way to make it work with the spacenavigator.

Well, I’m afraid to report it doesn’t do so well here. It just behaves like it did before (with only _MaxViewport filled in).
I tested your suggestion with and without this odd-looking single single-quotemark with no difference. I also testet that _NextPersp… command right in cmd-k command line input field [1] with no visible reaction at all. Where, in contrast, _MaxViewport does work properly. Hmm. I am a bit confused about the fact that you got it working whereas my Rhino won’t accept it. Command History doesn’t tell any obvious to me (besides a few error lines from typos and playing around) [2].

Your 3Dmouse bypassing approach sounds totally convincing. In the end it’s just the trigger for a command.

I’ll keep on testing. At least you pushed open a door for me to this set of underscore commands I haven’t had seen before. Thanks a lot.



[quote=“Emeli, post:5, topic:16018”]

I also testet that _NextPersp… command right in cmd-k command line input field [1] with no visible reaction at all.[/quote]
are you trying it while focus is on a viewport other than perspective? all it does is switch focus to perspective so if you’re in perspective (while having only one perspective viewport), it will appear as if nothing happens… or, nothing happens.

then the macro is saying switch to perspective then maximize the viewport.

but just so we’re clear… is this what you’re trying to accomplish:
• draw in the Top viewport while 4 viewports are up.
• push a button and the viewport becomes a maximized perspective view

because that’s what the macro is doing…

if you’re in a maximized Top viewport and run the macro, nothing happens… (though, something probably should happen… i don’t think all the viewport cycling functions are working properly… or, we’re currently missing the ability to cycle through maximized views)

Use the mouse 3DConnexion. I did some tests to try to help. 1) abbreviation configure keyboard from the system preferences of Mac 2) configure the keyboard shortcut preferences Mouse 3D Connexion. Here are some photos that I think will help.