Mapping textures

Hello fellow humans,
I am new to this interface. It has been suggested that I might use it to map a texture on a surface in Vray. Their wood plank is at 120cm and needs to cover many sq meters.

Is this in fact possible?

Also, how hard would it be to write a “live link” to the Unreal rendering engine for GH?

Link to install the Human addin to rhino

Im really asking about mapping

Is this possible in Human? and if so what components?

probably box mapping would do the trick here. One caveat is it’s not as fully featured as native texture mapping in Rhino, and it only works with meshes. If you feed that wall into a Box Mapping component, feed it a box that’s the size of your texture image, you can take the resulting mesh into the “custom preview materials” component from Human, or bake it for use with v-ray (the texture mapping should be preserved if you bake that mesh.)

You can ask if @gankeyu has something among his components, because some time ago, he was very kind to investigate this limitation (texture mapping of GH objects). The limitation which in my opinion is worth being fully resolved - for example for VisualARQ GH Styles.

It will be like this. You can also achieve it by Human as supposedly you are using the geometry for render.

Thank you for that idea. Could you post the .gh file please. I am not good a GH Hyroglyphs and I am not sure which plug in pack is being used here )

GH&Rhino file:

texture.3dm (346.6 KB) (12.4 KB)

Texture plugin:

PancakeTexture.gha (26.5 KB)

Export uses my another plugin:


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Thank you. Where does Pancake.resources.dll go?

If i may suggest, include a quick start “how to install” document with the download )


Like every other plugin: copy it to the gh libraries folder including the .dlls and unblock the files.

Thanks. I will add that part. Generally it’s copy everything into Grasshopper’s Component folder (File -> Special Folders -> Component), and unblock the gha file (right-click the gha file -> Properties -> Unblock -> OK).

You can leave out Pancake.resources.dll as it’s for other language interface.

Ah ok. Thx. Did that. Not sure why 3 components are not loading then ?

Well on the subject of special folders, there are two one

File -> Special Folders -> Component

A:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components

Its not clear to me why some are in one and others in the other )

Use the first one. Only shipping-with-Rhino plugins are stored in the 2nd folder.

If you are receiving the error, the plugin is not loaded. Have you unblocked it?

in Human:

Thank you for following up. The .gha file is in the right location. It is not blocked. It is the texture plug in. I still get the warning that 3 components are missing when I open


If I swap it for v2.4, I still get the warning that 3 components are missing
I see this

I will try human next

Human works well. Thx
I am a little uncertain if a texture can be added to a material, or if it is an alternative to a material?

You need both. Not only one.

Yes, Can I map a texture to a material?
Texture: light scratches
Material: Green Steel

Human preview only supports the diffuse texture channel (and an alpha channel). You can also pick existing materials in your rhino document with the normal “Custom preview” component, with all the complexities of those textures. This should respect the mappings from Human.

Thx for the response. Yes GH preview, materials, Human Preview, Textures. Is there a way to COMBINE a material with a texture like you would with layers in photoshop for example. Grey steel material + scratches texture ?