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Welcome to Human for Grasshopper!

Human extends Grasshopper’s ability to create and reference geometry including lights, blocks, and text objects. Also enables access to information about the active Rhino document, pertaining to materials, layers, linetypes, and other settings, and collects a number of other useful utilities.

Download Human here: http://www.food4rhino.com/app/human

Please use this topic on the forum to post questions about the use of Human (OK to ask about other tools I’ve authored like Doodlebug, Shutterbug, Tree Frog, etc. Human UI and Metahopper have their own categories!). Where appropriate, please include screenshots AND definitions with your question - it makes it easier to help you!

When making requests/asking for help, please keep in mind that this project is a labor of love that I keep updated in my spare time; rude or demanding posts are much more likely to be ignored. Posting here is not a guarantee of direct support, though of course I will do my best to keep up with requests (especially polite and well-explained ones!)

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What is Human?

see above


thanks for the great Human plug-in, I use it a lot. Especially the “create hatch” function.
Unfortunately, it no longer works properly…

As soon as i connect a curve to the “create hatch” - function, the “create hatch” turns red and shows the following text:
“Solution exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Did you hear about this problem already? Is there some solution?

Best regards, Korbi

is there a Rhino 7 compatible plugin? or a work around to get it to work on Rhino7?

or is there another plugin where one can name surfaces?


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It should work on rhino 7… try installing from the package manager

Thanks, @andheum!
Are you able to share a version that will work in Rhino 8 WIP?

Please ignore that. Everything works after re-installing from the Package Manager

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