Import Set of Images into Grasshopper/ Human Plugin

Does anyone know how to do this very first step he is showing on the video?
In this folder he has set of images?

This is just a Panel component with a path written inside.
You can do the same by inserting Panel, double click it and writing your own location.
But you can do it better using “File Path” component - right-click on it and then you can select the directory.

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I also use a shortcut for this — if you double-click the canvas, and paste the path from the clipboard, it will automatically create a panel for you, populated with that text.

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Thank you @andheum @w.radaczynski !

Maybe you know if there is a way to properly load pictures to make it as a background for projects snapshots? I did it this way but the picture gets loaded upside down or like that:

Human contains texture mapping components — Surface Mapping or Box Mapping might be the simplest. Just pass your geometry through one of the mapping components before putting it in the “Custom preview materials” component.

perfect that worked better! thank you. the only thing that is left is the rotated picture issue, is it a problem with my file or the way I constructed surface that pic went onto?image

I rotated the pictures I uploaded to the script and it solved the issue. thanks:)

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