Flamingo nXt: Wood mapping


I try to change the orientation of “Teak Natural-No Gloss” on a simple plane.
Now I tried ‘everything’, but the mapping is the same regardless what I do.

Is the mapping is fix on these materials?
Or is it a bug?

BTW, without material preview in the Rhino viewport it is cumbersome to work with nXt.


It sounds like you are using the new V5 mapping tools. They work with rendering tools based on RDK. Flamingo is not based on the RDK so it has it’s own mapping tools.

I used the Jing video capture tool to make a short video to show you how to change the mapping using Flamingo NXT.
It’s about 15.5 MB

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.
When one knows where to look, then it is simple…

While I understand nXt shall to be compatible to V4, the access to two different mapping tools is highly confusing.
I think the V5 mapping tools shouldn’t be visible or inactive when nXt is the active renderer.
The V5 groundplane isn’t available for nXt, so why not the same with the mapping tools?

Also the missing viewport display for materials is not amusing.
When you purchased nXt after experiments with the Rhino renderer, it fells like several steps back into the past.

I would propose a V5 version of nXt, soon.