Flamingo nXt 5.5 texture mapping Default to Planar (missing buttons)

Hi, I do not have any buttons or choices below ‘Daylight portal’ in the panel for Flamingo Texture mapping (Edit>Object properties>Flamingo ).
I use Rhino6/ Flamingo nXt 5.5 . Maybe there is another place for Rhino 6 where I could choose planar instead of default texture mapping for Flamingo materials? Does anybody have the same situation ?

Flamingo uses the standard Rhino mappings, see the texture mapping tab in object properties.

Thank you John. I did that but in UV Editor Apply button did not apply the directions of the texture I chose. Before pressing Apply I did Render preview on rectangle and saw that direction of the texture on rotated mapping mesh was changed. With Rhino materials everything works fine for me but not Flamingo.