Map Rhino Z Axis to Y when exporting to IGES

Hi guys, I was wondering how to change “up” direction in Rhino from "Z"axis to "Y"Axis when exporting model to IGES?
for instance, there is an option to Map Rhino Z Axis to Y Axis in OBJ export dialog box,

while there is no such control exporting to IGES.
anybody knows how to deal with this issue?


Hi Runnie- you can use a macro, if I understand what you need:

! _Select _Pause _SetRedrawOff _Rotate3d w0,0,0 w1,0,0 -90 _Export _Pause _Undo _Undo _SetRedrawOn


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I see, thanks for that, it basically rotates the model and then rotate it back after the exporting is done? :smile: