Change world axis orientation to Y-up


Since I need to use models from Rhino in Unity for pre-viz… I like to make sure that Rhino uses Y up axis on export.

When I use OBJ export I have the option to zwap Rhino Z to OBJ-Y.
But when using FBX export I don’t have that option.

Is there a way to change the world axis orientation in rhino?
Maybe even define a point on the model als your world zero and change the orientation to Y-up by zwapping Z with Y.

I don’t want to rotate my model all the time when it’s imported in another package, since I like to be able to have someone else work on the rhino model and then later be able to import it without having to re-orient it in unity.



Hi Peter- there is no option for this, but I can add a wish for Y-Up in fbx export at least.

Added as

These are not visible to the public… yet.



Hi Pascal,

Yes please… that’s what I was thinking today… If you add the swap in the fbx export just like it is in the obj export… you are ready.

Thanx in adance :wink:


Any development on this?

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Yes, We need Y up instead of Z
Exporting to Unity workflow for automotive or architecture is very difficult.
Is hard and time consuming to rotate and mirror objects each time we export.
We do it so often that triggers errors back and forward. I wish to configure my templet with Y up instead of Z.
If I use FBX Y up option the problem persist. For example importing OBJ I need to rotate.

If Rhino team can make a special template for Unity will be very appreciated to the community!

Hi Alan - this is unlikely to happen any time soon, if at all. But you can make a macro to reorient your scene to Y Up, export and undo, for example:

! _SelAll _Rotate3d W0 W1,0,0 -90 _Export _Pause _Undo


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