Making your own environment maps

I notice that all of the environment maps appear as spheres.

Has anyone made their own? If so, how did you do it?

This is not important, I’m just curious.



I tried it with a christmas ornament. Worked OK but there are a lot available on the net. You could probably create a sphere in Rhino and assign a chrome material and an environment and take a screenshot of the sphere and that would then work as a light probe.

@BrianJ - you’ve done this, as panos at least, right? Dan you can convert a 1:2 pano HDR to a chrome ball as well in HDR Shop as I recall, among others I imagine too, maybe even Photoshop, I have to check.


Yeep, HDRShop works, but search on Google for V1, this was free for academic and noncommercial…
Function is under menu Image -> Panorama -> Panoramic Transformations…

You can do panoramic conversions in Rhino!! Here’s one using an HDR I share on Food4Rhino converted to a 1024x1024 light probe jpg.

Ka-ching! I knew you were the man for this.


Wow that’s awesome, I didn’t know we could make our own environment maps through Rhino with our own Panoramic,
great tip!

Thanks to all for the feedback. I’m going to give this a try.