Environment Files

Does anyone have a good standby for free Environment files? Specifically rhino environments? (.renv) OR does anyone know how to make them? I’m having a tough time importing other environments into Rhino.

Well, the main issue is getting hold of HDR files. If you can do that, you can easily create environments by dropping them onto the Rhino viewport.

Here is a good standard “studio” set-up that I use often. The HDR Multipler level has been set for a good light level specifically for Neon, so if that’s not what you are using, it may need to be adjusted. If you do a search, there are several good sites for finding free HDRI environments. Once you have an environment, it’s just like making a new material in Rhino. Make a new empty environment, load the HDRI image, adjust the brightness using the HDR multiplier and saving it as a new Rhino environment.

Light Tent White Floor 2k.renv (1016.6 KB)

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Hi @mcramblet, sorry I’m new to this. Can you tell me where to find the control to adjust HDR multiplier?

If you open the Environments pallet, select the HDRI image that you want to adjust, then click on the “Background Image”:

This will open the properties of the image. The HDR Multiplier can be found there:

Playing with this number allows you to adjust the strength of the image being used to light the scene. Some experimentation with these settings is needed to get the best results with Neon.

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