Custom emaps - how to?

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is there any tutorial, (affinity photo prefered, photoshop also ok) or rendering-approach to do a custom emap ?
i am talking about those files:
sunset 2
how do i convert a photo of my livingroom (of course a 250 sqm loft) into a emap.
or maybe a photo of my last mountainhike / skitour ?
what do need to consider for the photo.

thanks - kind regards - tom

Here a tip from @BrianJ (But for WinPC)

  1. Load Your images in to Gimp or Darktable (or other image software) and save it as Openexr, HDR or HDRI
  2. But new use “Textures Panel”, create new “HDR Texture” load Your image file.
  3. Then follow Brians worklfow, so save as normal image.

Other tip

There are various sources of free 360 environment maps. If you want to make your own you can render those out using appropriate lens settings, or you need a ‘fisheye’ lens to take actual photo–well, several photos to make the HDR. There’s also the program HDR Light Studio for mixing your own.

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thanks for pointing to the older topic and the update.
i ve updated the initial post.
kind regards - tom

If you want to get into shooting your own HDRi images I think this blog post has all you need to know