How many predefined emaps are in Rhino v5?

I have 7. If there are more ,what would be the way to have them all? Thank you, Mark

Emaps here

You can create your own, info and downloads here:[]=emaps

Auxpecker has a lot

Without Photoshop from HDR to Emap

And without Photoshop from LDR (normal image) to Emap

Hi and thanks, I got to the download part, then box popped up saying I needed to create an association in the default program control panel. Anyone able to help in that area? Spell it out , please thank you

What are you downloaded ?
External Emaps from link 2 must only be unpacked (.zip)

Hi eddi,
Wanted to have a couple more environments in surface analysis. Seems. I used to have brushed gold and a couple others. Somewhere in time they have gone away. I’m running sr12. Food4rhino says download certain environment or material. After that is when the box pops up wanting help. Thanks, Mark

You mean Auxpecker 2 download and this files ?

Sorry no, the ones on food4rhino’s main materials and environments.

So this files ?

Yes thanks

Aha, ok, I think you mean the HDR images.
Download this images with option “save as” and not “open with”.
In Rhino write command _MaterialEditor
Create New Material with option “More Types” (option is on right side)
Use Basic Material and Ok
Under Textures click on Color and use “More Types” and use “High Dynamic Range Texture”
Load HDR Texture use HDR from Equirectangular to Emap or Light Probe save as JPG.

Thank you eddi, I will give your instructions a try