Making a stone wall

Hello All,
i made some walls in rhino, but when a render it obviously the straight edges make it look really flat and bad:

i think tried to model the stone wall on rhino but it is not the stone texture i need,
which is this:

and so it does not help me too much and i also have a problem creating the planar surfaces:
wall stone (19.3 KB)

does anyone know a way to do it? i guess that it will be enough to make the edges not straight/ to deform the brep, but i really have no idea how to do it.

any help will be highly appriciated

I believe Rhino can do the same thing, displace a mesh using a height map.

Thank you very much for the time, but it does not give me any direction…

Here’s a Rhino file to get you started, it will ask for your texture image when you open it.
stone wall.3dm (533.9 KB)

You can control the texture parameters by clicking on the pencil icon.

… and you can reduce / increase the # of triangles and memory used by modifying these settings.
Most likely you will want to reduce the # of triangles / memory used and still keep an acceptable level of detail for your rendering.


Thank you, but it is on RH 7 and i am still on RH 6 … can it work on Rh 6 too?

You can try the Rhino version converter here Rhino 3dm file version converter

Thank you very much

Hey again, that is nice, but if i want to export it to another software, i exports only the surface, and not all the meshes created. so eventually i do not have this wall modeled…

Use ExtractRenderMesh to generate a mesh from the surface.

Great! thank you